She is the Lily of the Valley

lily of the valley

a DAINTY sweet smelling white flower that makes for some beautiful ground cover, however she likes to stretch out so if gives the chance like most women she will take over lol

mostly showing her glory in spring time her beauty is a cover for some serious danger. if you have this lovely lady growing in your garden do be sure to keep an eye on the little ones both with and without fur. don’t
let her sweet sounding name pull the wool on you, if eaten in larger QUANTITIES (smaller amounts of the chemical in the plant as well as ones like fox glove are already used in some medicines, however at a managed dose) it can cause blurry vision, nausea vomiting, confusion, as well as effect your heart beat.

since none of that sounds like a good time, its best to keep her at bay. no need call a garden party short due to someones little pup getting into the plant and having some tummy issues after lol not a fun ride home for that one.

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